Why I Am Crazy About Fashion. By guest blogger April Clark

Why I Am Crazy About Fashion

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So the funny story behind this look: Before I began shooting, I asked Em, the photographer, “Are the glasses too much”… needless to say, we both bursted into laughter! That’s just it… fashion is fun, it’s a creative outlet, and yes, sometimes I go a little crazy. You know that KANYE crazy… is it so crazy and deep that it makes sense or you’re just straight up crazy. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL :)


But you know what was real, how crazy Tuesday and Wednesday turned out.  My mom says that a part of mourning or grief is blame… maybe I could have been, should have done, if only. But this time it wasn’t just a part of mourning it was real, maybe I could have gone harder, been a little more crazy in my faith, and purpose. I got real and realized I hadn’t done as much as I could have. That’s how Tuesday happened.  US.  All of US… Americans not being radical enough in our faith and purpose.  Despite what and who you believe in,  if your radical beliefs hurt people it’s sad and upsetting! BUT if they help and heal, it can bring people together! Now whether or not I leave thinking or believing like you is the real test. Can we agree to disagree in LOVE?

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And what about your passion are you CRAZY enough to pour everything you have to make a difference in you community to benefit this country? PLAYTIME IS OVER it’s time to be radical in our purpose pursuits. I am crazy about fashion, I’ve built brands around it, I make money from it, I share it, I use it to help people and I’m not giving up! That’s crazy. It’s crazy to believe something so much that looks so obscure and believe that you can achieve it despite the nations climate, your circumstances or resources.

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I hope you’re crazy enough to put on something that make you smile and laugh and I pray that your faith makes you radically in love with the pursuit of happiness and that your purpose is an insanity plea you are willing to testify to!




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